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Canadian Refugee Claim

What should I do if my Canadian refugee claim is rejected?

If you have applied for a Canadian Refugee Claim and it was rejected. Now, you might think that you can do nothing about this matter, but some options are available after your refugee claim rejection. Getting a rejection for your refugee claim can feel tough. However, you can still do some things after a Canadian […]

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Recent Judicial Review Decisions

The Impact of Recent Judicial Review Decisions on Canadian Immigration

Canada is known as a symbol of culture and variety that attracts immigrants from all over the world. If we look at history, Canada’s immigration system has undergone many changes. The changes are related to changes in policy, public opinion, and how the law is interpreted. The recent judicial review decisions have changed how people […]

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Legal Representation in Canada

Tips for Choosing the Right Legal Representation for Your Judicial Review Case in Canada

If you are facing a legal issue requiring legal representation expertise, we have covered you with some tips in this blog.

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Reasons for Student Visa Rejection

Reasons for Your Student Visa Rejection in 2024

Securing a student visa to study in Canada can be a dream for many aspiring students. This blog will explain some common reasons for your student visa rejection in 2024.

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Appeal and Judicial Review in Canada

Legal Complexities | What Differentiates An Appeal from A Judicial Review in Canada?

In this blog, let us figure out these complicated law issues and what differentiates appeals and judicial review in Canada.

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Deportation from Canada due to fake admission offer letter

Are you facing deportation from Canada due to a fake admission offer letter?

Around 700 Indian students from Punjab were at risk of deportation from Canada due to fake admission offer letter.

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Pre Removal Risk Assessment

Applying for a pre-removal risk assessment? Here’s what you should know

Pre-removal risk assessment is a process that allows persons who are facing removal from Canada to request an assessment of the risks.

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Canada's Express Entry System

Gateway to Your Canadian Dream: Explore the Ins and Outs of Canada’s Express Entry System

Canada’s Express Entry System is a program for skilled professionals seeking permanent residency in Canada.

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