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Why you need a real estate lawyer?

Whether you are purchasing, selling, refinancing, or need to perform a land title search, transfer a title, or apply for right of survivorship, our team will simplify the process. Buying or selling your home can be complex. Your home is a major investment and naturally you want to protect it. Real estate transactions can be detail-heavy, entailing plenty of complex legal documents and many crucial steps. Our team helps you to simplify the process from the beginning to the end. Our team can explain your sales or purchase contract and any issues that may interfere with closing the deal. Investing in a lawyer ensures you have the advice and guidance to make your transaction go as smoothly as possible.

We handle all types of residential real estate matters including:

  • Residential Purchases
  • Residential Sales
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Survivorship Applications
  • Residential and Commercial Leases | Reviewing and preparing

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