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Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class is a program that gives foreigners who are already in Canada an easy way to apply for permanent residency. The Canadian government is aware of the deep pool of foreign workers and professionals who wish to continue residing in the country. Most of them are international students, and others are workers on short term work contracts. The government has taken different measures (including the CEC program) to help foreign talent settle in Canada for longer and permanently.

CEC eligibility criteria

As a Canadian Express Class applicant, your muse:

  • Possess a one-year minimum full time (or its equivalent cumulative part-time) work experience in Canada in the past year. The experience must be in at least one of the NOC’s skill type O, A, or B
  • For NOC skill level A or O, you must attain a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) level seven—from any IRCC approved language skill testing institution—in French or English. For NOC skill level B jobs, you should attain at least a CLB 5.
  • Be admissible to Canada on security, criminal, and medical grounds.
  • Canadian Experience Class doesn’t apply to cases where a foreign professional intends to live in the province of Quebec.

However, if you have accumulated work experience and education in Quebec, you may qualify for the province’s immigration programs.


How does CEC benefit international students?

An international student earns extra points for:

  • Possession of Canadian education
  • Having Canadian skilled worker experience (gained through their part-time work experience)

Besides, the processing of their application is much faster. Moreover, international students can get their permanent resident certificate easily since it can be delivered at their doorstep