Are you facing deportation from Canada due to a fake admission offer letter?

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Deportation from Canada due to fake admission offer letter

700 Indian students facing deportation in Canada on the grounds of fake documents .

In 2018-19, several students went to Canada on a student visa. They were also granted work permits in the country after completing their education. According to authorities, the admission offer letters of students were found to be fake. The Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) reviewed all the documents and found fake offer letters.

According to Canadian authorities, the admission letters of the students will be kept from being deported at the moment. Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, declared that a task force had been constituted to investigate each case and assist the victims of fraud.

Sean Fraser declared, “Those who are involved in a fraud scheme will bear the consequences under Canadian law. Genuine foreign students who came to Canada to study and were duped by fraudsters will be granted permission to live in Canada.”

Fake Admission Offer Letters

Around 700 Indian students from Punjab were at risk of deportation from Canada because of fraud admission offer letters. The Ministry of External Affairs and the high commission were actively engaged in finding a solution to this problem. The students received fake admission offer letters from Canadian educational institutions. Their situation came to light in March 2023 when they applied for permanent residency in Canada 2023.

Student Protests

Students Protest

The Indians who were faced with deportation from Canada claimed that they did nothing wrong. They were defrauded by an immigration agent named Brijesh Mishra, who runs the Education Migration Services consultancy in Punjab’s Jalandhar.

Various Indian students and their supporters protested at the Canada Border Services Agency’s office in Mississauga City. The protest was against the deportation orders they received from the Government of Canada.

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