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Everything Else is Virtual, What About my Wedding?

Ever since Covid-19 impacted our lives, everything has gone virtual. We can have meetings online, attend court – even create our Wills! But what about the wedding? For a lot of our clients, they are living apart from one another. Different cities, different provinces, different countries. The thought of being able to marry your significant […]

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Canada’s Current State of Immigration Now with the COVID-19

International travel restrictions have been in effect since March 2020, and foreigners seeking to enter Canada have grown tired of them. Over the recent few weeks, the business community in Canada, lawmakers, and the US have increased pressure on the government to eliminate some of the travel restrictions by July. Canada is relaxing its restrictions for fully vaccinated visitors. Effective July 5, […]

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Canadian Immigration

Changes in Canadian Immigration Since the Pandemic

The Canadian government instituted a multi-layered system. This blog will discuss the changes in Canadian Immigration since the pandemic.

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Joe Biden Won: What’s Ahead For Canadian Immigration?

The outcome of a presidential election in the US affects most countries across the world. Joe Biden has different policy proposals concerning trade, energy and even Canadian immigration from his predecessor, Donald Trump. The neighbouring countries next door are often first to feel the impact. Biden’s win as the president of the United States has […]

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Travel to Canada

Travel to Canada: Most Recent Updates (October 2020)

The government of Canada is updating its exemptions to travel restrictions for international students, family members, and those entering the country for compassionate reasons. The Minister for Immigration, Health, and Public Safety announced the recent changes in travel to Canada and its restrictions on 2nd October 2020. While the county’s border will remain closed for […]

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Important 2020 Immigration Updates in Canada

Governments across the world have devised various methods to curb the spread of the novel COVID-19 (coronavirus). Canada has not lagged either. Since March 2020, the government of Canada has continued to release a series of policy statements to help control the spread of COVID among Canadian residents.  These policy statements have had a significant […]

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