Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Spousal Sponsorship Application

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Spousal Sponsorship Application

Are you planning to unite with your spouse through spousal sponsorship? There is no doubt that the spousal sponsorship application process is thrilling yet intricate, brimming with paperwork and regulations. As an Immigration lawyer, we often get hired to fix applications that have been rejected. This blog will focus on some things that applicants usually need to correct in spousal sponsorship application and how to avoid them.

Not Providing Complete Documentation

Spousal Sponsorship Application

The application requires complete documentation with all the relevant details to sponsor your spouse in Canada. Submitting incomplete documents is one of the major issues in any immigration application. This includes everything from forms and identification documents to evidence of the authenticity of the relationship. Before applying, ensure that you properly review the checklist provided by the immigration authorities of Canada and attach all the required documents to avoid unnecessary rejection.

Lack of Communication

A lack of communication is one of the most common mistakes in the spousal sponsorship application. You must understand that communication is the key to your relationship and during the application process. You must keep lines open with your spouse and any legal representative you have hired for your application process. Not communicating regularly may lead to discrepancies in your application, which might be rejected.

Insufficient Financial Support

Before submitting your spousal sponsorship application, ensure that you provide adequate evidence of your financial support, for which you submit the necessary documents such as employment letters, tax returns, and bank statements for the last 3-6 months. You must submit the financial proof to ensure your application is accepted.

Not Providing Proof of Relationship

Suppose you applied for the spousal sponsorship but still need to provide the authenticity of your relationship. This is why it would be better to provide a comprehensive history of your relationship, including photographs, communication records, joint financial documents, etc. Provide more convincing evidence to ensure your application is genuine.

Avoiding Legal Requirements

Avoiding the legal requirements of the immigration authorities of Canada can prove to be detrimental. To ensure everything runs smoothly, you must familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria, financial obligations, and processing timelines.

Missing Deadlines

Spousal Sponsorship Application

When applying for a spousal sponsorship, it is important to understand timelines because they are key in immigration. If you miss the deadline for submitting the documents or do not respond to requests from immigration authorities, it may prolong the processing time of your application. You must keep track of all the deadlines to avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

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